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What is Zuwharrie?

Zuwharrie is both a Suzuki based website and an event. It began as a group of friends meeting in the Uwharrie National Forest for camping and trail riding. Popularity soared.  Seems they also needed a way to communicate with the rest of the world....

....along came is the world's largest Suzuki based offroad website. Did I say "event"?  Keep reading! ;)


Zuwharrie is an offroad event for Suzuki Vehicles held at the Badin Lake OHV Area in the Uwharrie National Forest, NC. What started out as a bunch of friends getting together to trail ride, has quickly become the East Coast's largest Suzuki gathering. We average more than 100 Suzukis at each event. Vendors have been tremendous in their support!

The Uwharrie National Forest is beautiful during the Spring and the Fall. Temperatures will be generally mild days and cool nights. Trails at Uwharrie are considered easy to moderate. There are several challenging areas for even the most modified. If you're expecting trails like Tellico, then you will be disappointed. If you go to Uwharrie to enjoy the scenery and ride a few challenging trails then you will love Uwharrie as much as we do. Stock to slightly modified Suzukis do great at Uwharrie and can ride just about every trail (there are bypasses around the most difficult sections). Everything described above is if the weather is Dry (which Uwharrie usually is). If it rains... well then everything changes. Easy trails can become the hardest trails because of the amount of clay and mud. If you have any questions about Zuwharrie, please post on our BBS.

There is a $5 per day trail fee that is your own responsibility to pay. This fee is charged by the state for upkeep of the park and trails and must be paid in order to ride the trails! Pay stations are no longer located at the Parking/Unloading areas like before. You must now purchase your trail pass at either the ranger station or one of the several local gas stations such as the Eldorado Outpost.

Speaking of responsibilities, you are responsible for your own well being and safety while in the Uwharrie National Forest.  Your safety is not guaranteed by any other party.  Trail riding can be hazardous.  Participants do so of their own will therefore assume all risks and responsibilities.  If you witness a purposely dangerous or unlawful act while in the Forest, contact the District Ranger's Office or the Montgomery Co Sheriff's Dept.  Those who require medication or special medical devices should be extra wary of preparation beforehand.  There are no medical facilities (or pharmacies) in the vicinity.  Bring what you need with you.